About Rim Mezghani

Specialist in Islamic art & Owner of Rim’s Art
One of the most exciting moments in an Expert’s career is making a significant discovery. This happened to Rim Mezghani when she discovered the Charles Gillot Collection. 
this group, she immediately saw an impressive silver and gold inlaid brass candelstick in a perfect condition. Then she hold it during all the visit discovering the masterpieces, in the same family since the 19th century. The candelstick acheived the top price of the sale : 3 million Euros (Christie’s Paris, Ancienne Collection de Charles Gillot, 4/5th of March 2008. lot 8).

Graduated in International Economics from the Sorbonne University, Rim Mezghani started her carreer in the Financial world. After a few years she decided to follow her passion for Islamic Art. After a short experience in the Galerie Soustiel-David, she created the Islamic Art Departement in Christie’s France. In 2009 Rim Mezghani created Rim’s Art for Islamic Art Advisory and offers consultancy services to Sotheby’s in France.